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My First Wedding Reception

So, planning my first gymnasium wedding reception in 2014 I found and released my gift. I have always loved to decorate. But I had only fiddle around with making balloon arches and décor once before this.Never nothing as major as I took on. I was delighted I was when a family allowed me to decorate for their special event. In fact, I was over the moon for the opportunity to show what I believed I could do but didn’t have many opportunities to show it.

I know I wanted it to be special but, there I was without any type of décor inventory at all.I didn’t have any chair covers, no table linen, no runners. I didn’t know anything about linen nor vinyl backdrops.Nothing about curly willow tablecloths, sashes etc.I didn’t own one blinged out centerpiece. I was not even a Certified Balloon Artist at the time, but I thought hey… I can do THIS!!!

I set out to do some research on balloon décor but, it seemed like many in the industry where guarding their knowledge like Gold. I however found a few resources that explained how to make sure your balloons are the same size, how to properly inflate a helium balloon, how to do an arch. Then, I found a picture from Jan IIam and figure I could read and follow instruction and do my best to duplicate Heart Aglow Backdrop. I read and re-read those instruction a zillion times and ended up with something close.

With that design in mind I began to think what else would work? Then I decided I was going to frame the dance floor area.That little engine that could in me said yes, we can do this.Once again, I dove deep into to researching how to get it done.I found a few more resources online about balloon décor and I had confidence that I could.

I even made balloon centerpieces for the table. Go DEE!!!! Everyone at the reception gave me so many compliments on what I had accomplished that I was encouraged to go and take the CBA (Certified Balloon Artist Exam) in 2015 and passed. Mind you not I didn't use any of these pictures for my exam. However, a Business was Born (Buck$ Balloons). It’s been a journey from then to now. Ive' learn all sorts of tricks of the trade and have built my inventory to showcase glamours weddings, birthdays, and milestones celebrations. I’m glad that I was encouraged to take the Qualatex Exam and made a few new friends in this industry. I am happier that I got a chance to showcase my skills a decorator.

I encourage everyone to live their dreams. Don’t let anything discourage you. If you think you can… try it, if you believe you can… do it. Study and prove thyself. Believe in yourself!!!!

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