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What's In Your Basket?

Easter is fast approaching, you can see in your local store already. But what is really in those pre-made baskets? Stale candy, plastic toys that your kids don't know what to do with? Here's some tips on creating your own baskets that your children would be sure to love.

First start with a interesting foundation. Some great ideas would be to use your child's favorite sports hat as the Basket. Or, maybe you can use a cute spring purse or mini backpack. Either way your foundation becomes a gift and its one that will be used and not discarded later in the week.

Now let's fill it with items that your going to end up buying anyway like: summer sandals, summer flip-flops, beach towels, hair products, summer t-shirts & shorts the list goes on and on. Buy their items with their favorite team, character, school logo or statement. Just be creative and make it personal for each child.

And don't forget most stores have these items still on the clearance racks or shop the going out of business stores.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

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